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  • The Home Winemakers Manual (PDF) by Lum Eisenman is a fabulous resource for the beginning home winemaker with basic “how to” instructions as well as providing an introduction to some of the more technical aspects of winemaking.
  • Concentrate – This Is Serious! (PDF) by Robert Paul is an article that discusses the two scales used to measure sugar content in grape juices – Baume & Brix. Sourced from the Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower and Winemaker 2003 Annual Technical Issue, No.473a, p.127.
  • Sparkling Wine Production – Méthode Traditionelle (DOC) by Graham Stallard and updated by Michael Lineage describes the steps our club uses to make fantastic Sparkling White in the traditional way.
  • Sparkling Wine Production – Calculator (XLS) by Graham Stallard is a very convenient spreadsheet that automatically calculates all the variables discussed in the aforementioned document by the same author.
  • Apple Cider Recipe – Very handy for when our annual Summertown Apple Crush event comes around!