If you are interested in becoming a member, please download, print  and complete the application form and present it at the next club meeting. Fees are as follows:

  • Full members $30
  • Concession (Retirees, etc) $25

Club Benefits
The benefits in joining our club (apart from hanging out with amazing people!) include:

  • A monthly Newsletter
  • Guest judges and speakers from the industry
  • Wine and beer competitions and tastings
  • Grape picking and crushing/pressing
  • Wine bottling
  • Annual and Christmas Dinners & other family-orientated social events

Fun and Informative Monthly Meetings
At club meetings, both a beer and wine competition is held.  Following the formal part of the meeting there is usually a presentation or talk given on some aspect of brewing or wine making.  The evening finishes off with tasting the nights competition winners and having some supper. Whether the Club members are discussing new brew pubs or showing off new brewing equipment, the monthly meetings allow members to socialise with others with similar interests.

Club competitions are held each month at meetings.  Beer entries are scored using BJCP scoring sheets and the results are later returned to the brewers to offer objective feedback. The scores of the competition are recorded and maintained by the Club and various awards are given yearly.

Group Brews
Occasionally, the club offers the chance to drop in during a brewer’s partial mash or all grain brewing day. Besides being fun, it’s a great way to pick up new information through a learn-by-doing approach.

Group Wine Bottling
Wine is purchased from a local winery and the club gets together to bottle it and sell it to club members and friends.  This is always an enjoyable event and usually finishes with lunch in a local park.  All profits go towards keeping the club running.

Out of interest, the club’s first bulk bottling of wine was on 23/7/1972 and was carried out at O’Halloran Hill, Candy’s Road. The wine was a blend of 1971 and 1972 vintages consisting of 40% Shiraz and 60% Grenache at a cost of $2.75/gallon. There was also 20 gallons of white wine from Patritti Wines at $1.75/gallon.

Group Wine Making
Each year “consortiums” are formed to get together to produce a batch of wine.  This involves everything from picking the grapes all the way through to drinking it and entering it into competitions.  A fantastic way to enjoy this great hobby!

Group Apple Crush
In cooperation with the Blackwood club, members get together at a local apple orchard and crush apples to make into cider.  An enjoyable day out.

Many others
Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to get together, enjoy some wine or beer and more importantly, each others humour and company.